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Digital Ordering

Customer can get menu card with latest information and place an order easily, can see bill amount at any time. Easy to give feedback it takes 1 minute to submit the feedback.

Chef App

Without connecting with Waiter, Chef can see the list of orders placed by customers. Importantly, Chef can get consolidated orders' quantity.

Waiter App

No need to move on floor. Water request, customer call, food ready alerts on single screen.

Admin Web Portal

Rich admin portal helps lot to Management to take important business calls.


  • Pictures! All analysis points to the fact that if customers can see pictures, it leads them to buy. This increases your sales by a minimum of 15%
  • If any food/beverage item is not available. You can instantly de-activate it from a digital menu. Which will not create any unnecessary hopes for valuable customers
  • Overhead of waiting for a waiter to provide the menu is no more
  • Easy to browse menu
  • View or zoom HD Digital Pictures
  • Customer can call for waiter service at any time
  • Staff can be used to give personal take care of Customer Requirement
  • Nutritional information, calorie update etc. can be easily conveyed to the customers.
  • Giving greater control to the customers to choose
  • Customer can check their bill at any time
  • Customer can monitor their ordered items easily
  • Easy to use for customer as everything is available in single screen.
  • Customer can call waiter at any time through the same app.
  • Restore details about ordered items at any time if device gets switched off suddenly.

  • Waiters do not need to stand near customers while taking an order.
  • Servers are not bothered to explain each recipe, as customers have a quick view of how his/ her dish will look like.
  • No need to communicate to Chef about customers’ order. Chef app will provide instance update to Chef.
  • Order items are displayed in chronological order. So no chance to get complains from customers about delay in delivery.
  • Waiters get updates about cooked food, water and customer calls on their device.
  • No lose of order details if device gets switched off suddenly on customer table.

  • Remove reprinting cost
  • Reduce number of waiters so major waiters’ salary cost goes down drastically
  • Update menu anytime
  • Grabbing more customers
  • Applications are running in local network so no internet cost required.
  • Admin can create category and menu item and instantly are displayed on customer screens.
  • Rich dashboard will provide lots of things to Management to take their valuable decision.
  • Appeal to a larger target market by customizing menu and information in local languages, formats and tastes
  • Detailed reports for Management.

    The goal of i-Mozo team is to overcome the challenges facing by customers/ Chef and waiters during placing an order in any restaurant. i-Mozo is an automated system which automates complete tour of customer from welcome to bill payment process.

    i-Mozo team spent months to develop the application and put efforts to deliver the best to its customers to server the best to their customers.